Zoe with her first hairdo
Zoe with her Nemo balloon
Zoe shaking hands Health Care
Zoe getting a bath Grooming
Zoe with her food dish Feeding
Zoe jumping through a Hula-hoop
Zoe as a puppy Breeding
Zoe as a puppy.


Breeding the Shih Tzu

The Reason
The one and only objective of dog breeding is to produce and raise puppies that will uphold the quality of the physical characteristics and temperament of the breed. In simpler terms, your breeding objective should be to create the "perfect" Shih Tzu. In order to do this you will first have to familiarize yourself with the Shih Tzu standard. The Shih Tzu standard is a complete written description of the breed: how it should look, act, and move.


Physical Attributes
The Shih Tzu should be sturdy, lively, and alert, with a flowing double coat. Due to its noble heritage as the palace pet of several Chinese dynasties, the Shih Tzu has a "distinctively arrogant carriage." The Shih Tzu will move with its head held high and its tail curved over its back. While a certain amount of variation in size is accepted, the Shih Tzu must be "compact, solid, carrying good weight and substance."

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