Zoe with her first hairdo
Zoe with her Nemo balloon
Zoe shaking hands Health Care
Zoe getting a bath Grooming
Zoe with her food dish Feeding
Zoe jumping through a Hula-hoop
Zoe as a puppy Breeding
Zoe shaking hands


The Health of the Shih Tzu

Most ailments can be avoided by using preventative medicine and by feeding your Shih Tzu a healthy, well-balanced diet. With proper feeding, and keeping to scheduled visits to the veterinarian for booster shots and routine examinations, you can help your Shih Tzu avoid many medical problems. By combining these measures with proper hygiene and an adequate exercise program, you will have done everything possible to assure that your Shih Tzu lives a long and healthy life.

Preventive Measures

Internal Parasites

External Parasites

There are certain symptoms your Shih Tzu may exhibit when it is not feeling well. Watch for loss of appetite or thirst, excessive appetite or thirst, physical exhaustion, poor coat condition, excessive coughing or sneezing, frequent wheezing or running nose, pale gums, foul breath, repeated vomiting, slight paralysis or limping, trembling or shaking, sudden weight loss, any swelling or lumps on the body, cloudy or orange-colored urine, inability to urinate, uncontrolled urination, diarrhea, moaning or whimpering, discharge from the eyes, or any unusual slobbering or salivation. If you notice any one or combination of these, call your vet.

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