Zoe with her first hairdo
Zoe with her Nemo balloon
Zoe shaking hands Health Care
Zoe getting a bath Grooming
Zoe with her food dish Feeding
Zoe jumping through a Hula-hoop
Zoe as a puppy Breeding
Zoe with her first hairdo


History of the Shih Tzu

Early History
The exact origins of the Shih Tzu are really unknown. However, there is enough evidence available to create a theory that most experts feel is accurate. There are documents, paintings, and other art objects of
Chinese origin that contain references to and images of a form of dog believed to be the original ancestor of the modern Shih Tzu. The oldest documents date back to the Tang Dynasty, in the year 624 A.D. It indicates that a pair of these dogs was given to the royal court by a Chinese nobleman. It is believed that the nobleman obtained the dogs from the ancient empire of Byzantium.

Modern History
During the Revolution, a large number of dogs were destroyed because they were viewed as a symbol of imperial rule. Only a few of the royal dogs escaped. In 1930, Lady Brownrigg, an Englishwoman living in China, was able to save a pair of Shih Tzu and import them to England. Their names were Hibou (the male) and Shu-Ssa. Shortly afterward, another male, named Lung-Fu-Ssu, was imported into Ireland. Later in the 1930's, a few more Shih Tzu were saved by an English officer on duty in China. All of the Shih Tzu we know of today are descendants of these dogs.

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