Zoe with her first hairdo
Zoe with her Nemo balloon
Zoe shaking hands Health Care
Zoe getting a bath Grooming
Zoe with her food dish Feeding
Zoe jumping through a Hula-hoop
Zoe as a puppy Breeding
Zoe with her Nemo balloon


Personality of the Shih Tzu

The Nature
Much of the Shih Tzu's history revolved around its association with the imperial family in the Forbidden City of Peking. This close relationship with royalty is no doubt responsible for the proud and arrogant manner in which the Shih Tzu moves and behaves. These regal house pets were cherished and pampered by the royal family and their servants for hundreds of years. As a result of countless years of pampering, the Shih Tzu has also developed a friendly disposition toward all people, a trait not found in all breeds of dogs.

Physical Traits
Most of the physical attributes of the Shih Tzu are a result of the careful and select breeding practices used by the eunuchs of the royal court. These breeders would mate dogs based on their temperament as well as their physical qualities. The last thing the royal breeders wanted was to have their prized pooches snap at the emperor. The bark of the Shih Tzu is very unique. Unlike other toy breeds, the Shih Tzu does not exhibit noisy yapping. Instead it will give one short, sharp bark which fades into a series of throaty groans.

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